Delicious food is what we all crave. It's even better when it's healthy and gluten-free and vegan; it gives us vitality and strength. It's good for the soul when we know its local, fair-trade and organic and kind to living things and the planet. Great food does make a difference. Enjoy the nourishment everyday. Eat Better!

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I love coming to LettuceLove Cafe. The staff is amazing and I can totally relax about the foods I eat, as I have Celiac Disease and have to be very careful. The staff are super helpful and I know without a doubt I am ok eating whatever they recommend. I work nearby and love to go there for lunch.
Hi Kelly, I’m in the process of transitioning from vegetarian to vegan and would love to attend any cooking classes you may be running! Is there a schedule and how do I sign up? I live in Burlington and am so thrilled that you are so close – I’ll be stopping by regularly! I think what you are doing is wonderful!
LettuceLove Cafe provides a completely opposite experience. Hands down, the BLAT was the best sandwich I’ve had in over a year and it’s the best GF sandwich to date! The quinoa side salad was simple but delicious and the macaroons, amazing! The dedicated, passionate, helpful, friendly staff made the visit very worth it. This is a fabulous concept. I’m definitely going to be a frequent customer working my way through the menu…can’t wait for my next BLAT! Thank you
Paula J